Here is a glossary of terms for your canmaking needs


Term Definition/Description
Blank A pre-cut metal sheet that is trimmed/sheared to a specified size will form the body of cans.
Coater A roller machine that applies lacquer to coils or sheets.
Coil Line a. Machine used for sheet metal fabrication.
b. Machine used to manage metal coils for coating or cutting.
Lacquer A solvent-based, clear protective layer applied on metal surfaces for corrosion protection, to limit the interaction between the can itself and the food product, and to avoid discolouration of food product pigments packed inside the can.
Metal Coil a. Sheet metal rolled from slab or ingot that has been wound into a coiled roll.
b. The most efficient way to store and transport sheet metal.
Metal Sheet Metal that has been cut from a metal coil, formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces, and sheared to form blanks.
Rivet The drawn part from the can end where the tab is attached ensuring end integrity.
Slitting Process of cutting a sheet of metal into narrower strips.
Tinplate Thin sheet steel with a very thin coating of metallic tin.
Tin-Free Steel Chromium-coated steel. Because it is used in food cans just like tin plates, it ironically is classified as a tin mill product.
UV Curing A photochemical process that instantly dries or sets inks, coatings or adhesives using high-intensity ultraviolet light.


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