by Niña Munoz, Marketing Executive
Published: November 22, 2019

About our Partner

Massilly is a food and industrial metal packaging manufacturer, which was founded by Robert Bindschedler, in France in 1911. The company was originally created as a modern service center dedicated to cutting and printing on tinplate and aluminium but slowly expanded to become a major player in manufacturing sustainable metal packaging such as food cans, closures and steel aerosols. They are located in more than 15 countries, allowing them to easily attend to customers’ needs and develop strong synergies for cost reduction with their clients. The two pioneer can manufacturing companies, Iberembal and Franpac, are also part of Massilly’s world-renowned group.


  •  Massilly is ISO 9001 – ISO 2200 and FSSC 22000 certified.
  • They also pride of their membership in numerous industry organizations including Metal Packaging Europe, SNFBM, Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association, Asociación Metalgráfica Española, European Aerosol Federation, Industrie Gemeinschaft Aerosole E.V and other significant metal packaging organizations.

What Makes Massilly Remarkable?

They provide not only reliable packaging, but also a reliable workplace for their employees

  • Massilly provides its employees a safe, enjoyable and rewarding work environment. This ensures that each employees’ mission to create reliable and safe products always come to fruition.

They value responsiveness and involvement with their clients

  • Massilly always tries to be an involved partner by being updated on the local issues and requirements of each market. They respond to the needs of their clients as soon as possible because they recognize the demand for a fast and optimal procurement lead time.

They put innovation at the forefront of their product development

  • They invest in advanced technology and a team of experts dedicated for their customers’ competitive edge.
  • They have consistently won awards for their products, grabbing different The Can Maker Gold and Silver Awards for 3-piece, beverage and closures categories. They have also been awarded the OSCAR De L’Emballage in 2016.

They are a company focused on sustainable development

  • To quote Massilly, “We believe in our mission: to protect, preserve and enhance the product of nature and our clients, through effective and safe metal packaging.”


Partners in Quality

Massilly is devoted in preserving our planet and the environment by producing sustainable packaging to the people. Both Massilly and Innosen strive to spread awareness on why metal can is the better packaging solution.

Like Massilly, Innosen’s goal is to provide the most innovative and the most efficient products to help its customers. With more than 20 years of expertise in the can making industry, Innosen has proven the reliability of its quality assurance tools by helping Massilly detect various can making problems and resolving them.

Sensors that sense your needs

Part of creating sustainable solutions for the environment is reducing spoilage and scrap in a can making production. Massilly has entrusted the job of assuring uninterrupted production without sacrificing quality to Innosen. They have been using Innosen sensors for many years now which have made a huge impact in helping Massilly reach its goals.

One of the many Innosen products installed on their lines is the IS415 Sheet Skew Measurement System, which helped them save money from the unnecessary cost of spoilage. This tool detects skewed or tilted sheets entering the coater that could result in misapplication of coating.

Another sensor that assisted Massilly in their production needs is the IS231 Double Sheet Detector. By detecting double sheets, various production problems like missing lacquer on sheets were prevented. Despite many sensors available in the market, Massilly chose the IS231 Double Sheet Detector because of its numerous benefits. This sensor is fully automatic and never requires any adjustments during plate changes. It doesn’t have any buttons, making it free from the risks of wrong settings from the operators. Once installed on the line, it works on its own, even calibrates on its own. In addition, this sensor doesn’t have any controller and doesn’t need maintenance.

Innosen’s IS610 Plain Margin Inspector is a product that eliminates one of the most serious production problems — dirty or contaminated margins. By detecting sheets with dirty margins before they are formed into a can, can makers are spared from the trouble of machine damage, weld wire breakage and badly welded products.

Various Innosen tools are also being used by Massilly for their production needs.

Finishing Touches

Innosen always works and communicates with their customers to make sure that the products they provide address their customers’ specific production problems, no matter how simple or complicated they are. Innosen believes that whatever problem the customers have, it can always be resolved with the help of innovative solutions. 

Innosen is proud to have Massilly in their roster of delighted customers. Their customers’ success is the inspiration in developing more innovative sensors that would help prevent production problems.

Know how Innosen can help your production be more efficient like Massilly. Send us an email at [email protected] or contact us here

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